Friday, October 23, 2015

For Bryan

"For Bryan"

Quick to laugh,
Or to share a kind word,
With hands always helpful,
And ears never rushed.

A wit that was quick,
And a heart that was large;
You gave of yourself,
Without thought of the cost.

You loved your Lord Jesus,
And sought to obey,
His will for your life,
With some bumps on the way.

Your faith never faltered,
Though tested and tried.
You pushed past doubt and fear,
Inspiring all with your life.

You are gone now, my brother,
But we will meet again.
Run free and breathe easy,
With our Savior and Lord.

©®2015  Kevin E. Ness

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Beloved Son

My dear Elijah,

Today you pass through a significant doorway on your journey to becoming a True Man, who loves Jesus with all of his heart, and soul, and strength.  Today is your 13th Birthday.  It has been, and always will be, a privilege to love, raise, watch over, teach, correct, nurture and provide for you, first as your Daddy, and now as your Dad. 

Your Mom and I have been richly blessed to watch you grow up and mature from a little child, to child, to big boy.  And now today, June 17, 2015, you officially enter the stage of being a young man.  I am pleased with the man you are becoming, and I look forward to continuing to guide you on this journey. 

Elijah, my son, it is a perilous journey at times, fraught with many obstacles, temptations, dangers, traps and snares.  Satan, who has been given temporary power as ruler of this world, and those who listen to his lies, will do everything they can to discourage, distract, tempt, shame and threaten you into thinking that it isn’t worth all the hassle to read and meditate on His Word, or spend time in prayer, or follow God’s will, plan and direction for your life.  But my son, the rewards for staying on the straight and narrow path that the Lord has laid out for your life are so far beyond anything that this world could ever offer, that it is impossible to measure the difference.

My beloved son, know that you do not walk this path alone.  The Lord will always be your shield and hedge, and I will always have your back, through prayer and my presence.  Your Mom and many other brothers and sisters in Christ are in this battle with us.  We will walk shoulder to shoulder as we enter into this battle to live our lives for the glory of God, and to wage war against the enemy of the souls of all mankind, by boldly proclaiming that every captive can be set free through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His death, burial and resurrection.

I don’t know exactly how this will all play out, as far as choices along the way.  But I know that the Lord does, and as you earnestly seek His face, and His will, and counsel from godly men and women, He will guide you.  And when we make mistakes, as we will, know that Jesus always stands ready to forgive when we ask, because He already paid for it on the cross.

I love you, Elijah, and I like you, and I am blessed beyond measure to call you my son.


Friday, December 19, 2014

"My Brother, My Friend"

"My Brother, My Friend"

Brothers by half,
In the eyes of the law,
Yet brothers times two,
In the eyes of our God.

Though as children we lived
in separate homes,
Our soul tie as brothers,
transcended those walls.

You were larger than life,
To your grade-school aged bro--
When peers compared brothers,
You reigned as the king.

As men, bond grew stronger,
Though miles did increase,
As we shared jewels of wisdom,
Forged in trials of fire.

We battled our demons
Of genetics and choice,
As we walked through the valley,
Of the shadow of death.

All the while, Jesus held us
In strong, loving arms,
And hands scarred by nails,
That purchased our peace.

As we called on His Name,
And accepted His gift,
New life did He give us,
And peace, without end.

So rest now, my brother,
In the presence of Christ.
At the end of my journey,
You'll welcome me home.

©2014 Kevin E Ness

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hellmare's End

August 31, 2014

Out of the depths of his nightmare,
he wakens,
Only to find,
He was never asleep.

The lies from his childhood,
Passed down by his fathers,
Had ever so carefully,
Deadened his heart.

In its place, a pacemaker,
Of hell’s own design,
Kept up the appearance,
of being alive.

But God, in His mercy,
and grace beyond measure,
Saw fit to redeem him,
By sending His Son.

By the wounds of this Jesus,
Who bled unto death,
Does this dead man now waken,
To newness of life.

For death could not hold Him,
God’s only Begotten--
the Alpha, Omega,
Beginning and End.

Through Christ this man’s sins
have been cleansed by His blood,
And a heart made by God,
Strongly beats in his chest.

But on this side of glory,
There will ever be thorns,
To help him remember,
The crown that He bore.

Oh Lord, this man humbly
Relies on Your strength,
Rooting out every thought,
With the stench of hell’s breath.

Through Christ this man knows,
He can now do all things,
shining Life in the darkness,
for the unknowing dead.

©®Kevin E. Ness


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Innocence Lost

Eyes of innocence, so young and pure,
Blinded by hands that were meant to protect.
Innocence Lost, in blindness now groping;
Rage at injustice demands its release.

Blindly it lashes, felling its victim;
Pain born of pleasure begins to devour.
Innocence Lost, has now innocence taken;
Cycle of sorrow begins yet again.

We who would help them must give them new eyes,
To regain their focus on that which is True.
Deception is bondage that clings to the soul;
But He who is Truth has the power to free.

8Kevin E. Ness


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Will Never Forget…To Learn

Where were you
When the Towers

When the eyes of a nation,
In shocked disbelief,
Watched as thousands of lives,
In a moment, lay dead?

When sin, thought dismissed,
Raised its dark, ugly head,
And snuffed out these lives,
And laughed at their deaths?

We vowed to remember,
To never forget,
But the voice of those lost, urges
"Learn from our deaths."

Learn that the Curse,
Born in Eden's own soil,
Is still sowing Death,
And reaping lost souls.

So turn now to Jesus,
Redeemer to all
Who accept Him as Savior,
And trust Him as Lord.

©®2012 Kevin E. Ness